Halewood Community Choir was originally set up by Knowsley Council in May 2011.

Our members and committee decided to give The Choir its independence so we successfully applied for a Lottery bid. Since then, we have sung in a range of places and activities in Halewood and neighbouring venues, including Christmas events, community events, schools, care homes and churches.

We aim to respond to any and all performance requests, especially in community settings.

Much like all community groups we were badly affected by the pandemic but we came back together as soon as it was possible and we are still singing!!

Halewood Town Council has recently awarded The Choir with the Best Community Group in Halewood for our "Contributions to the Halewood Community".

Halewood Community Choir 2024


Welcome to Halewood Community Choir. We meet every Thursday from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Halewood Academy. Sessions cost £5, but you are welcome to
'try us out' for 2 free sessions first.

Based in Halewood, we welcome all new members wherever you travel from. We enjoy a variety of music genres, from pop to folk, musical theatre to traditional rounds.

All voices are welcome, whether you're experienced or just starting out. Our friendly environment encourages support and growth, with each member contributing to our group.

Come join us for a fulfilling experience of music and friendship. Click here to learn more.


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Our Aims

Members to enjoy singing in a local setting and to continually learn and improve the skills necessary to contribute to a community choir.

To encourage others locally to join the choir in order to increase the number of local residents who meet on a regular basis with a common aim.

For members to take pride in being part of the community choir , and for them to participate in local community events and performances.

To increase the health, the well being and the confidence of local residents by singing and meeting other members on a regular basis.